Business Messaging

Swift, reliable and cost-effective SMS messaging solutions to notify your customers on updates.

Our Enterprise SMS messaging solution can be used as a customer service tool, activation and authentication mechanism. Typical uses include travel updates, banking messages and many other value-add messages.

Global & Instant Delivery

Global reach and presence with 850+ telecom operators with multiple backup routes and redundancies.

Multiple Connectivity & Interface Options

Choose from a range of interface options- APIs, HTTP, SMPP, XML and FTP.

Dynamic & Multilingual Messaging

Explore language and personalized messaging freedom with customizable fields.

Group SMS & Scheduling

Manage your campaigns strategically based on customer preferences and schedules.

MapleWiz OTP

MapleWiz OTP is a security solution that ensures safe and secure login process.

Robust Routing and Instant Delivery

Effortlessly integrate two API’s within few minutes and start using our MapleWiz OTP Solution.